Thursday, August 9, 2012


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So, I did something impulsive last week.  I bought a Sightmare necklace from Dr. Brassy Steamington's Etsy store. Dr. Brassy has some cool Steampunk jewelry and her Sightmares are... well... quite a sight! She's even made some in the not too recent past that glow in the dark! Cool!

Sadly, mine is not a glower.  BUT!  I couldn't resist the one I bought because I think it would go SO amazingly with my Ren-Faire Alter Ego, Zarqa Habiba!  I'm even leaning toward going slightly Steampunk-ish with Zarqa.  I'm not sure, yet.  I want to find some good examples of Middle East Steampunk before I do.

Anyway, just so you can get an idea what I mean, before I show the Sightmare I bought, let me show you my Alter Ego (I had a drawing done a couple of Faire's ago, then I "tweaked" it a bit):

Zarqa Habiba to your right and a pirate pal ~ hmmm.... what are they
contemplating? Renaissance? Steampunk? Trouble? (hahaha!)
 You know, my first few Faire visits I was just another Faire-goer. Now that I've started using the "tattooes" I've gotten a lot of notice and several people have taken pics of Zarqa.  I think my new Sightmare will add a lot to the character. 

What a great package it came in!

My first peek is peeking back at me!

How does she do it?
Dr. Brassy is amazing!
I'm thinking, if she makes any more glow Sightmares, I'm going to have to get one of those.  Maybe.  We'll see.  If you want to learn a little more about Dr. Brassy, either click one of the links above or go here.  She's quite the interesting individual.  As are all we who are Crazily Creative!

...and what has been  your latest impulse buy that wasn't for beads?


  1. Hi Pam,
    Nice drawing! Very cool necklace the eye reminds me of the eye in "The Lord Of The Rings".

  2. I am just now seeing this! Awe....You are too sweet. I am thrilled that you are happy with your Sightmares eye. Much Love, ~ Dr Brassy