Monday, August 27, 2012

Just Few Things... and Another Blog Hop!

First... I need to correct a couple of impressions.... that beautiful girl modeling my Summer Rose necklace in the BSBP reveal isn't me.  It's a (very) young lady in my church who, along with her two older sisters, agreed to model some of my jewelry for me (post is here). I am nowhere NEAR this cute! (and I'm 44... bleh!)

Second, I'm going to be posting the list for this Friday's Phantom Blog Hop a little later today (I'm taking a really quick break at work to let y'all know this).  I'm trying to email this same list to all participants, but some of you haven't given me your email and your blog page doesn't have a "contact me" button... 0_o *  If this is you, please get your email to me ASAP so I can get the list to you, too.

Third, I have not even come near getting through all of the BSBP links from this last reveal. I'm sorry. I'm trying but it's just not possible for me to sit that still, that long, and not go insane. Not ADD or anything, just... Oh, look, squirrel!
What was I saying?

Anyway, I will get through them and I am attempting to leave a comment for everyone.

Have a great day, ladies!

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