Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Almost.... Aaaaalmost!

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So, there are two blog hop/reveals coming up.... the first is this Saturday, the 3rd Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things.  I'm excited because this is my first time in the BSBP and I got some great beads from my partner.  In fact, once the necklace was made, I went a little nuts with the remaining beads.  There's a lanyard I made for Lorelei & Kristin's Cone Challenge (to see that post, go here), there's all the earrings I made.... I just had a blast!  BUT! You don't get any more than a peek (if you click on the link above) of what occured until Saturday's Big Reveal!

Next, there's the Phantom Of The Opera Blog Hop on Friday the 31st.  I'm excited about that and will be emailing everyone the links to each others site this Friday (the 24th) so we can be sure to get around and see all the wonderful bits of jewelry inspired by the Phantom of the Opera musical-slash-play-slash-opera.  SO excited to see who's done what.

And, finally, I don't have the final models for my jewelry up, yet.  I got the shots taken last night, but what with being busy and more business tonight and tomorrow... well... I might get a pic or two up this evening but I won't have time to really work on them, so, I'll have to put them up on Saturday.  I also have some studio shots to do for close ups of all the jewelry. It's one thing to see how it looks on a live model, and another to get a good, close look at the work or the bead(s), etc.  Don't worry, y'all will get a good, close peek before they go back onto Etsy. 

Unless you follow my FB page (see tab to the right). THEN you might get an even earlier preview. Who knows??? (mwuaaahahahahahaaaa!)


  1. Hi Pam,
    I can't wait to see what you created with your bead soup. I have had my piece done for a while now for the Phantom of the Opera challenge and I too can't wait to see what everyone has made for this hop.

  2. To "musical-slash-play-slash-opera" you could add "slash ballet". Here in the small province of New Brunswick, Canada, we aren't necessarily known for our leadership in classical arts! One exception is the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada, a 10-year-old dance company home-grown but populated by internationally-trained dancers. They have toured across Canada, the U.S. and Europe with their work "World of Shadows – PHANTOM, the Ballet", and are performing it for the second summer in a row in their home venue, the Capitol Theatre of Moncton, N.B.

    The Phantom certainly has had many cultural incarnations, hasn't he? Here's the short video clip we have enjoyed all summer on regional television:

    I'm not a diehard ballet aficionado, but this is a very cool happening for a small city like Moncton (population of greater metro area less than 150,000).