Saturday, August 18, 2012

Models and Jewelry

I've decided to try a different approach to selling my jewelry.  Models.  Specifically, live models.  More specifically, some young ladies in my church.  They were kind enough to agree to model my jewelry for the paltry fee of a free pair of earrings each.  Well, it seemed paltry to me, but the young ladies in question seemed agreeable! (lucky me!)  Anyway, here are a few pics (I'll have more on Tuesday)  These are sisters (juuuust in case you couldn't tell) and their mother is Philippine and their father is Lebanese.  Since they were small I've called them "my little Lebaninos." (aren't they beautiful girls?)

Nicole ~ the eldest sister wearing a copper, fire agate
& teal crystal necklace and fire agate, copper and
sari ribbon earrings

Nicole ~ wearing my "Summer Fire" lanyard

Posterized version of Nicole ~ I plan to use
these to create display models for my earrings

Rachel ~ the youngest sister;
she's wearing my teal baroque earrings

Rachel ~ wearing my "Journey to Unlock
Life" necklace for my Perfect Imperfections
line in support of Spina Bifida

Rachel's posterized photo for
display purposes

Tanya ~ the middle sister wearing a pair
 of my double flower earrings

Tanya ~ wearing my "Tears From The Deep"
earrings and necklace

Tanya's posterized photo for display

As I said, I'll have more pictures by (I hope) Tuesday.  It's another set of sisters from my church. They have three, also, but one recently married so I'm only able to use two.  I'll have photos of them as soon as I'm able.

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  1. That is crazy-awesome! The ultimate win-win for everyone. Unfortunately, there are only "mature ladies" at my church LOL... but I do have twin nieces who would go for this (they're 16 going on 21). Love the posterized versions... is this the "plan" you referred to on Cilla's blog last month?