Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Models

Well!  I'm making up for last week's absence with a vengence this week, aren't I?!  I had a couple more young ladies come over this week and model more of my jewelry. I'm wanting various body types, skin tones and ages.  Okay, okay, these girls are close in age.  I'm not done, yet.  I plan to have ladies my age model some jewelry (if I can talk them into it!) and a few younger girls model some stuff for tweens and, maybe, even some cute plastic bits for elementary age girls.  We'll see, that's still in it's infancy, planning-wise.

Anyway, a few pics of the young women who came over Monday night for a session in front of the camera.  I "posterized" them, too, but don't have access to those pics right now ('cause I'm at work... not actually working at the mo'.... obviously)

Allison - aka "Al"
Wearing my Spring Breeze earrings and
Spring Forest bracelet

Wearing my Spring in Shades of Yellow earrings
Stephanie ~ aka "Steff" "Steffer" "Face"
(the list goes on)
Wearing my Spina Bifida Awareness lanyard

Steff wearing my Cool Fire earrings (fire agate and
teal crystals)
As mentioned, if you are a follower of my FB page, you got a peek at these before I blogged.  All pics will end up there first, followed by blogging so, if you want to see my models wearing my jewelry, be sure to become a follower of my FB page.  You can get there by clicking the button to the right, over there.  I'll also be working this weekend to do studio shots of the jewelry for close ups which means pulling out my table top studio I got for Christmas and setting it up.  Wish I could leave it out all the time but there's just not room in the Craft Space (I'll put up a pic of my creative space, soon) so, as soon as the studio shots are taken and PicMonkey'd, I'll post those, too.  It looks like I might even make my self-imposed deadline of having my Etsy shop back up by the first week of September.

....and what have YOU all been up to?

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  1. Hi Pam,
    Beautiful models and beautiful jewelry. Makes me think I should have one or two of my friends model some of my pieces.