Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pet.... Poodle?

Okay, I have found my newest obsession! I was reading MSN the other night and they had a story about a new critter found down in South America called the Venezuelan (get this!) Poodle Moth!  I think it's adorable and I want one for my very own!  Please!  I would love it and pet it and call it George!

Seriously! How can you NOT love and be inspired by this little guy!  It looks like he has a fur coat! I'm in awe!  I wish I were better with my Poly-Clay because I would be trying to make a little look-alike focal from this! Can't you just imagine? Being able to make jewelry look like these li'l fellas (or some of the cuter bugs out there?)

Have you found any (creepy) cute and/or unusual bugs you'd be inspired by? Share. Especially if you have a FB page. Feel free to post your FB page link in the comments if you have a pic to share of a creepy/cute bug that you find inspiring in some way.

p.s., you can read the article here:

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  1. OMG, Pam, even his antennae look like long eyelashes... didn't realize Venezuela got cold enough for fur to be required LOL

    Way to channel your inner Abdominal Snowman... I haven't thought about Daffy Duck in years. Thanks for the laugh.

    Check out the link below: she calls it "10 Bugs That Are 5,000 Times Cuter Than Puppies Or Kittens". I vote for #1 and #6... the rest/ Ehh, maybe. Still not ready to adopt.