Thursday, August 30, 2012

Phantom Blog Hop and "Think Of Me"

Some time back I thought I'd like to host a blog hop.  Several ladies urged me to give it a shot and I thought, I could probably do this.  Then I listened to the music from Phantom of the Opera again and, shortly thereafter, a Blog Hop was born.  And I found out that Lori Anderson from Pretty Things just makes it look easy.  It's not.  There are things I have now learned the hard way.
Moving on.

I chose the Phantom Of The Opera because my dad took me to see it for my 24th birthday (no, I will not be telling you how long ago that was!) and my mom and I fell in love with Davis Gaines, the actor playing the Phantom at that time.  My rules for the hop were simple: choose a song from the play/opera and create a piece of jewelry representing it, tell us why and no using JUST the rose or mask.  I'll be the first to admit, I almost got my butt kicked by my own blog hop! I had a great idea, it just didn't want to pan out.  So, I tried something else.  LUCKILY! this time it worked.  I chose the 1st song Christine sings, "Think Of Me."  For some reason, the sweetness of that song, and the fact that it's where we first meet Raul, just sticks with me. I also loved the colors in her costume and wanted to use those as I created my idea of an asymmetrical necklace.

Honestly, I love just about all the songs in this play/opera, so my real challenge was choosing just one song.  I actually have plans to try creating pieces for other songs at a later time.  Until then, here's my piece, "Think of Me":

Think Of Me

I used green German glass, pink
cat's-eye heart and red glass... glass tubes, pink
painted glass, and more
green German glass beads

The focal bead is Italian glass I found
on Etsy at Debbie's store, Bead
Hoarder's Stash
You'll also notice one of the dangles
is a red flower... closest I came to
the red rose from the play

And a pair of earrings to round it all out. I can
make earrings without a necklace but I can't
seem to make a necklace without earrings! :)

And there you have it.  Please, hop on over and see what the other ladies have made for the Phantom Hop.

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  1. Great job Pam! I hope we weren't too hard on you. ;)

  2. Very pretty! I failed to get a red rose in mine. Thanks for hosting, you did a great job!

  3. Hi Pam,
    First thank you for hosting this wonderful challenge. I had a lot of fun watching the movie and listening to the music over and over again.
    I love your necklace and earrings they are beautiful with all the twinkling glass beads and crystals. I love the focal bead and the little red flower.

  4. Super job and congrats on a successful first (of many, I hope) Blog Hop.

  5. What a wonderful challenge. You have me listening to the soundrack as I hop around. I love your necklace and earrings. The colors are wonderful together.

  6. This challenge was such fun...your necklace and earrings are great...I am going to make some more pieces too...maybe a black and white one! Be sure to let us know when you have another blog hop.

  7. Pam, thank you for hosting this!!! I really like your piece, the colors really capture the costume Christine wore during that song!

  8. Pam, thank you for hosting this!!! I really like your piece, the colors really capture the costume Christine wore during that song!

  9. Lovely piece! I am the same way hehe! There is always a matching pair of earrings but not necessarily a matching necklace! Love it!

  10. Shiny greens and reds with shimmers of gold - oooh so elegant looking! Thanks for hosting this challenge. I needed something like this to get me moving.