Saturday, July 7, 2012

Soup Ingredients

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So, I got my Bead Soup from Rachel last night and snapped off a few quick shots. Here's what I received in my lovely Soup package:

Here's all of them together
Scrumptious, eh?

Close up of the Yellow Rose (and now I have
"The Yellow Rose Of Texas" floating thru
my brain) I don't use yellow very much,
so good challenge choice, Rachel!

This is a very light lemon color in real life
Sorry it doesn't show as well in the pic, but
I love 'em!

Lemon yellow florets. Just beady!

Bling-y magnetic clasp.  Hmmmmm....!

...and, what I sent to my Fellow Soup Mixer!

a quick check of all items together

Sari ribbon and poly clay beads I made for her
(Yay! They turned out! SO proud! ~hee~)

some gold findings

another look at the sari ribbon and some beads
I found at Michael's that just seemed perfect for this

the clasp (so cool)
...and a little extra, just for her! :)

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  1. I don't use much yellow either, but I love that rose! I can't wait for the first reveal date!