Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Donations From Family

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haHAAA!  It's great. After I posted my previous blog about "dead" things (and it appeared on my FB page) my cousin out in TX sent me a pic to add to my Pinterest board!  I loved it and posted it immediately.  You can go see what all I have on that board or you can just peek at what Stace sent me:

Morticia's Favorite Plant
Don'cha love it?!? 

Tell you what, you have any "dead" things (see my board or previous post to get an idea what I mean by that!!!) and send me a pic of it, I'll post it on the Pinterest board and here. But make it an interesting shot.  I don't just take pics of trash or litter.  Something has to catch your attention about it. When you send me a pic of a "dead" thing, be sure to include why it caught your attention enough to take a shot of it. 

Oh, and, yes, I'll very likely put "Crazy Creative Corner" on it unless you put your name or logo on it 1st. I don't want pics just being randomly pulled and used without permission. If you put your name/logo on it, be sure it doesn't interfere with or draw attention from the focal of the shot. PicMonkey is a good place to do this.  If you can't do this yourself, tell me what name you want on it and I'll make that adjustment for you before posting.

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