Thursday, January 12, 2012

Necklace for Glasses

Again I say, this is why I don't (normally) work my beads on a week night. I was creating some earrings and a commissioned lanyard Monday night (which sold, btw, in spite of the lousy pic she was shown... stoopid lighting!) and was up until midnight with my playing around.  So, I determined I would set myself a time limit for Tuesday night.
SO didn't work!
Started by making a bunch more earrings. (I'm getting very good at those! ~haha!~) and then thought, why not make a chain for holding my readers when I have to take them off so I don't lay them down and then waste five minutes (or more) looking for them!  Inspiration!
Because I didn't want them to be heavy and drag my glasses off my face, I turned to my wooden beads.  Now, I don't have a lot of those BUT!  I found some really cute ones at Michael's one day and bought them out.  They had a dragonfly etched into them!  (yes, I am the dragonfly queen around here!)  Then, I looked next to them and saw daisies!!  Saner Sister LOVES daisies so I had to buy a bunch of those!  But... they've been sitting forlornly in my stash for weeks and weeks, now, without me having any inspiration for their use.
Until Tuesday!
They would be PERFECT for my glasses chain!  Cute as a bug (get it? get it!?) and light as a daisy! (aw, c'mon, help me out here, folks!)  Anyway, just as this inspiration struck, I looked at the clock and realised it was 9:00pm! 
Okay (I tho't to myself), I can do this.  Get the design laid out and, maybe, wire up a few beads before shutting down for the night.
Did that work?
Oooohhh, noooo! 
You parents know that whine you get from your kids on a school morning when you're trying to roust them out of bed?  "Just a few more minutes, Mom!"  Yeah, that one.  It was sort of like that. 
Glance at the clock - 9:30... okay, I've done the design, I can do a few beads and then I'll quit.
Glance at the clock - 9:45... well, just a few more. I'll quit at 10:00 for sure!
Glance at the clock - 10:30... glance at the beads. Well, I'm 1/2 way done, might as well wire up all the beads!
I'll say this, I did manage to get the beads done and everything put away by 11:00, but still.... Oh, well.  Here's the chain as is right now.  I'm going to make a few changes; for one, I'm going to alternate daisy beads every other one and, for two, I'm going to make a pendent so that I can take the part that holds the chain to the glasses off and wear it as a necklace if I choose!  But, here's a few pics of what it is for the moment:

So... what would you make a glasses chain/necklace from?  Tell me your design?  Oh, and, don't forget to go here and read (and comment) about my Personal Challenge.  You really, really want to do that.  So far, there are two ladies who've earned their part and only three more will get to.  Will you be one of them? (but, follow the rules!

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