Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mellisa's "What Would You Do?" Wednesday Challenge

Mellisa over at Chinook Jewelry has a "What Would You Do" challenge every Wednesday and I almost didn't get to join in. (it's been cuh-ray-zee!)  BUT!! I found some lovely items over on Etsy that I think will complement her bracelet focal just wonderfully.

These are from GemsJewelryBeads; Azurite gemstones that
I think will complement the blue in Michelle's focal.

These Natural Topaz beads would be a good dose of
color for not only a bit of "pop" but to bring out the tan
in her focal. These are from mywing588 on Etsy (and are
a part of one of my treasury lists!)

Top it off with this complementary clasp from Melinda Orr
at ORRTECH on Etsy and you've got it!  I like how the work
in Melinda's clasp echos Mellisa's focal juuuust a bit.

What did YOU dream up? Eh? Eh?


  1. Nice combination, I think your choices would make a very pretty bracelet.

  2. I like how you went with copper! I considered it then settled back on my usual silver :) I'm glad you were able to sneak in the time to participate this week!