Saturday, January 14, 2012

Michelle's Snowflake Challenge

Normally, I'd do this tomorrow, but I'll be in church when the challenge starts, so I need to post this tonight (if there's a way to set it up to post later, I haven't figured it out, yet).

Michelle Mach set up a snowflake challenge near the end of last year with the reveal being tomorrow (January 15th).  I almost didn't get in on the challenge, to take some ceramic bead/pendents she had made by Michelle at Chinook Jewelry but I slid in juuuuust under the wire (as in, she was down to three kits when I found her blog! ~whew~)

Anyway, when I received my kit I was so excited I didn't even take time to photograph the beads as they came.  I simply sat down and immediately made my necklace and earring set.  It just came together.  I had some ribbon in my stash, along with some white glass tubes and some tiny red beads and it actually came together in about 30 minutes (usually takes me much longer what with all the fiddling around and redesigning).  So, here are my pics of the set I made.

Necklace strung on winter blue and brown
ribbon with white glass beads as accents on
the ribbon. Around the pendent are little red
beads to represent cranberries and crystals to
represent the iciness of Winter.

Close up of pendent with dangles

Close up of earrings. LOVE the
frosted drops! The blue flowers
just seemed to echo the snowflake
perfectly and the silver accents were
also reflective of Winter's iciness.

An extra set of earrings with some
beads from my stash and Michelle's kit.
I call it Winter to Spring since it's going
from icy to red hot.
   So, there are my designs from her challenge.  It was loads of fun and a lot of us got in on it.  Go see what everyone else has done and feel free to leave a comment for them!

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    1. I like that you put red in your work. (It's my favorite color!) Love the glass tubes you used in the necklace. I am a bit envious that you put all this together in such a short time! Very nice.

    2. I really REALLY love the necklace, with the ribbon added...and the pop of red. You took the challenge bead and some of your own, and made the completed pieces all you!

    3. Wonderful color and texture combinations! Lovely work. :)

    4. LOVE the pop of color!! Perfectly unexpected!!

    5. Very nice! I always like seeing how people use ribbon because it is something I would like to try but haven't got around to yet. The colors you added to the necklace really enhance the pendant as well. - Dawn

    6. I just love the little pops of color the red beads give, and the more subtle contrast of the gently sparkly ribbon. I am also fond of the long, swingy dangle earrings. Nice set of work!

    7. You came up with some wonderful ideas. All of the items are so pretty.


    8. beautiful work! I like the use of the sari silk in the necklace!

    9. Beautiful pieces! I love the ribbon you used on the necklace, and the little pops of color to brighten each piece.

    10. I love your choice to use ribbon for the necklace as well as the addition of red. It's all very lovely!

    11. I like how you used the ribbon with the pendant, very pretty. I have some silk in different colors, but never think to use it. I like your earrings too and it looks like a lot of use thought the frosted glass drops went well with the snowflake charms. I also like the touches of red.

    12. I really like how you added the pops of red! So great to see how everyone used the same elements so differently :)

    13. I love the red "berries" in your pieces! It really brings an extra little kick to the overall look and feel of your designs. Very pretty!

    14. I love the pops of color with the red! They look like holly berries!

    15. I like that you added colors, definitely makes your pieces stand out!

    16. I know what you mean about seeing all the creative ideas the artists used all with the same kit, amazing. I love your earrings, BTW! And I'm kicking myself for not spending a little more time on making some...the spark was there but I'm have trouble with the follow thru. Gorgeous work!

    17. LOVE the addition of the coppery ribbon and red/coral pieces. Very striking with the pop of color.