Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Com-Mission Complete

Yes, I have managed to finish the other two commissioned lanyards. You saw the purple, hot pink & black one in the previous post, here; these two were requested as black & silver and black & gray, respectively. 


the tag has a couple of dragonflies on it and
reads "Handcrafted For You By:
The Crazy Creative Corner"

the "tan" in the bead is a lot more gray looking
in normal light (stoopid iPhones)

again, the color is more black and a creamy white than
the lighting in the pic shows.


the focal stone is a pyrite.. again, the colors
aren't quite how they look in life. It's much
more gray/silver in look.

MUCH more gray and silver in real life!!!
   I'm taking this Friday off work and plan to do a lot of bracelet and lanyard making (I've got a LOT of earrings right now... SO easy to make!)  I also plan to use the three day weekend (have Friday off, remember? Keep up, here... or do you need more coffee?) to take and post pics on here and on Etsy. AND on Facebook... Keep an eye peeled!

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