Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, I decided to enter my Earth Metals necklace in the Art Bead Scene's challenge for January. The inspiration was "Trellis" by William Morris and I just tho't the colors in my Earth Metals were perfect for it!

I entered it over on Flicker, per the instructions, but let me make this easy on all of you.  Here are several shots of the necklace. 

The focal was originally intended to be a clasp and I bought it from Melinda Orr over at Orr Tech Designs. I had every intention of making the focal both the focal AND the closing clasp but... well... beads have a mind of their own and, once the chain got involved in the rebellion, this is how things turned out.
The copper clasp used to close the necklace is from Melinda, as well.  I love how the design echoes Mr. Morris's artwork, yes?  I decided to use black leather cording and antiqued wire to connect it to the brushed antiqued chain the beads are attached to. The medium yellow fret-work beads are from Pam at Ferrari Original Beads over on Etsy (yum!) 
The copper beads are from Hobby Lobby and the smaller ochre beads are from Lima Beads.  And I just felt like the teal seed beads completed the whole look. 
Anyway, this is my first (completed) challenge at Art Bead Scene.  I'm excited.  (and I love this necklace, it's hard to leave it up on Etsy!)

Anyway, go on over to ABS and check out what everyone else has done for this challenge! It's just amazing how creative minds all work.

Someone once said "Great minds think alike."  I beg to differ, great minds think differently or they wouldn't be great!  (and we wouldn't have the Theory of Relativity ~thank you Mr. Einstein~ or "Tom Sawyer" ~love ol' Twain~... you get the idea! Everyone enjoy the differences!)

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  1. What a lovely necklace, I love that clasp, its really unique, I haven't seen one like that before. Good luck with your Art Bead Scene challenge.
    I been needing to get some copper beads, and was wondering if hobby lobby sold them. Thanks to your post now I know (-: will have to make a trip there.
    Your blog is very nice. I am linking back so that I may come back.