Thursday, March 8, 2012

POCKET SALES or How To Have A Mini-Show

I was wanting to find a way to advertise the lanyards I'm working on and a friend of mine is selling at her office for me and I didn't want it to be something bulky or space consuming.  What to do, what to do?

Then the Idea Fairy bashed me over the head with her stick waved her wand over my head and the light dawned!  Digital Photo Frames!!  I could get one, load an SD card with pics of my wares (even my necklaces & earrings!) and Witchie-Poo (the friend I mentioned) could set it on her desk for their viewing pleasure (and, hopefully, buying pleasure!). 

Then I tho't (swiftly ducking that stick wand as it swung at me a 2nd time) it would be a grand idea to be able to carry my wares wherever I go.  Except, that's a lot bulky!  Even carrying a Digital Photo Frame is bulky (and you tend to get strange looks from passersby).  So I went on and plugged in "Digital Photo Frames" (pun fully intended!) and up came all sorts of great answers.  Below are pics of the two answers I bought.  The first one, by Coby, holds more pics (160) than the 2nd one by Micca (60-70) so I'm going to be doing a swap after I edit a few more pics.

Now, you may have to do some cropping, these screens are only 2.4" each so it only fits so much of the shot in.  Group your items and don't go too macro on them or you'll be cropping out a lot of what you're trying to show. And make sure that grouping includes any text you add to the picture (like the price and title of the piece).  But, these puppies fit great in a purse or pocket and you can whip them out to show someone if you're discussing your jewelry making and they mention they'd like to see what you do.  I mean, a business card with your web addy is fine, but how often do they get dropped in a purse and forgotten or even lost?  Give 'em the card, by all means, but this is a great little advertising tool we could all adapt for those "What kind of jewelry do you make?" moments where it's easier to show than tell. 

And it will make a much more lasting impression.

The Coby Digital 2.4" Photo Album

Has a stand to rest on, side, back, or upright

Easy to use, pics can go vertical or horizontal

Micca 2.4" screen Digital Album

Only holds 60 or so pics but they're very clear

Vertical or Horizontal direction -
more of a wallet style than a desktop model

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