Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Challenge by Michelle Mach

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Well, I joined Michelle's challenge again. Maybe it's because I suddenly like blue. Or maybe I just can't resist the shiny (I've mentioned my ADOS before).  Whatever the reason, I bought the bracelet she dared us to remake.  As always, I forgot to take the before picture, so I went back to her site and stole the original pic from her:

I had no real trouble using the crystals but, for some reason, couldn't come up with a way to use the silver spacers so they're tucked into my stash to await the perfect reworked job.  Until then, here are my two contributions to the challenge:

I started with a lanyard (instead of a regular necklace)
It's titled "Hot Spring" and is for sale in my Etsy store

I used the yellow dyed agate for Spina Bifida Awareness
and the cross to remind us to have faith in God's plans for our lives

Red glass beads, red & yellow millifiore glass rectangles and
black lampwork with white and purple dots accent the blue
crystal rondelles from Michelle's challenge.

This one I used gunmetal links and wire as well as yellow
fritted lampwork beads and green dyed agate that reminded
me of a Japanese painting whose colors ran together.
Yellow dyed agate finishes the bracelet
at either end. This piece isn't titled, yet,
but will be in my shop soon also under
the Spina Bifida line.

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  1. Wow, I really like that bracelet - you have put those bright colours together so well and the contrast of the blue crystal vs beads/stones "works" very nicely. Great stuff!

  2. I love the earthy feel of these beautiful pieces. And it's wonderful that they serve as a reminder for a worthy cause.

  3. Pam, Those are beautiful pieces I really like them both all the colors compliment each other well. I love the design of the bracelet.

  4. So delicate and whimsical at the same time. Nice!

  5. You are not alone in holding off on the use of the spacers (me too!). Your two creations are wonderful, but am drawn to the gunmetal one.

  6. A lovely mix of beads! I like how you added so much color to your necklaces. I especially like the one with the gunmetal--that's not a color you usually think about for spring, but it totally works. Thanks for joining the challenge!

  7. I am enamored with your pieces. The colors are fantastic! On a side note I am loving that sundial!

  8. Another source of inspiration...I love your use of color!

  9. I love the earthy feel of your designs. Esp. like the gunmetal links. I lost a brother to Spina Bifida, so this cause is close to my heart. Thanks for raising awareness!

  10. How lovely and meaningful--You are so talented! have you ever seen the book Beading for the Soul?

    take care xox jean

  11. Love these pieces. The bracelet is awesome. Love your mix of colors and the way you wired the beads inside the links.

  12. I love the bracelet, gun metal is one of my fav's to work with. A lanyard is a great way to use eclectic lampwork beads. Love the use of colour in all your pieces.

  13. Lovely! I love you mixture of elements and colors that create such interest and beauty.

  14. This is really tasty. Great design. ;-)

  15. I'm a fan of blue and shiny as well! Pam, what a great idea - making a lanyard. Now that is functional AND so pretty. Both pieces are beautiful, and the colors you chose are really striking - right up my alley!

  16. Very pretty - the colors are perfect for spring.