Sunday, March 4, 2012


So, I finally got my hands into my poly-clay!  I'm a little bit of a nervous nelly so I started off with the box of "starter" clays Saner Sister bought for my B-day back in January (yes, I know... don't ask how long the other clays have been sitting around, waiting for me to open them!)  ANYway, I opened these little packets of clay about 3"x2" and, taking a deep breath, cut a small portion from three; red, olive green (both visible in saran wrap) and a sparkly gold (not in view). These were either a little old or not from good stock so I had to put a few drops of clay softener on them but, after that, and a few (okay, LOT) of runs thru the pasta machine, they came out usable.  I made 5 beads that were a mix of the red, green and gold with the red dominating (I forgot to take pics after baking and before making a necklace).  I also made several petal shaped cut outs of marbled pink and black. That mix was an accident but a happy one! (no pics of that one, yet). 
Anyway, here's the necklace and earrings I made from the beads.  The flower is from another necklace I bought recently but couldn't wear (I love repurposing!) and the green rounds are from Michael's.  The earrings are hanging from the necklace to your right.  I decided to go for a slightly Oriental look with this design, hence the chain dangles below the earrings and the bead under the flower. I wish the shot showed the colors better in the larger red beads, but the earrings show the gold pretty well. The green and gold turned into accents after several turns thru the pasta machine.  I showed Saner Sister, because I was so tickled by what I'd done, and she said how it would go SO well with the outfit she was wearing for church on Sunday. (sigh) Well, I haven't made her any jewelry in awhile, so I let her have it.

Now, about the wineglass tabs I mentioned in my last post, here's a few shots:
octopi at the bottom right, bowl shapes in the center
word tabs, bead flowers
the word tabs.. I call them "flirts" (heee)
The octopus gang! Only have one of each of
these so they'll likely end up as charms.
flower beads
Glass bowls

My use of the blue glass bowls as shown in a previous post

So, here's the contest... give me YOUR ideas of how you would use these in jewelry.  You have until the last day of March to enter and then (depending on the how many people reply) I'll put the names into a hat and draw two winners who will be sent a bead soup of these items to use, whether in the design you mentioned or in another way. 

 Get designing!


  1. Pam,
    You are such a sweet Sister to give your necklace to Saner Sister. The worst part about working with polymer clay is the conditioning. Oooo those are some cute keepers. I have two ideas right off the top of my head. I would make a Lei type necklace with the flowers wire wrapping them to ring connectors and other beads and use a silk ribbon for the back neck strap. With the little octopus I would make a charm bracelet with coordinating colors of beads and maybe some other sea related charms.

  2. Hi, Pam - I love the necklace and earrings you made. I am a big fan of red, and that red flower makes a beautiful focal! The idea that came to me was to make an "under the sea" necklace with the octopi with bright colors and mixed metal chains. Also, the flower beads would make a pretty Summertime bracelet and could be paired with bee, hummingbird, or other bird charms (like a garden bracelet).

  3. Those flower beads are so pretty! As for the bowl-like tabs - well they're just that little bit different, which is nice - I love your design for earrings - it would let the light shine through in a really nice way. I think what I would do with them (given free use of unlimited materials!) is use them as charms to hang from earrings, but after painting them with abstract designs using glass-paints - I think a gold colour would go nicely on some of those. And I would use coloured craft wire, because, you know, colours are good. Maybe it would be possible to make my own "word tabs" using transfers? (don't so much like the words on there already!)