Monday, May 13, 2013

What Did You Do?

Whelp!  I disappeared over the weekend.  I hid out.  Didn't do a THANG!  (well, except some laundry... and having a heart attack over a gopher snake disguised as a rattler.... dang, icky snake!)  I didn't get on the internet, I didn't play with my jewelry, I did not a THANG! a'TAL! 

One thing I did do, I found the photographer, Clarence Alford, who took a photo of my friends and my Alter Ego, Zarqa Habibe, at the So-Cal Ren-Faire a couple of weekends ago.  I never took my own photos but here's a shot Clarence took that Saturday. 

Surrounded by "pirates"... eh, well, at least one has
some character work to do. Don't know of many
pirates that wear fedoras! (she'll learn!)
I tried to get closer to Zarqa just so
you could (maybe/hopefully) see
the tribal jewelry I made for her. I
had to take the carnelian focal off
or it would have been too long but,
otherwise, she loved it.
 Yes, my Alter Ego is very fair skinned, hence the parasol. And sunscreen. She's learned! (you can click on the photos to get a closer look)

So... what DID y'all do over the weekend?? Eh?

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