Monday, May 20, 2013

Kristi Bowman's Design With My Own Tweak

Kristi Bowman is one of the blogs I enjoy following. I can get so inspired by her work! So imagine my excitement when one of her sets of earrings ended up in and issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine? Her earrings are titled Aladdin's Lamp and I just loved them!  Since they were in the magazine as a tutorial, I know it's ok for me to create these earrings with my own twist, but I give TOTAL credit for the inspiration to Kristi. Here are my two interpretations of her original work:

This pair is called Scheherazade's Dance. I used large hole
purple glass beads, recycled gold sari ribbon and
copper wire. They're a little on the long side, but I
love them!

Another view of Scheherazade's Dance

This pair is called 1,001 Nights. I used a pinky/purply
sari ribbon and the beads are from by
the very talented Russ Powers. I had been hoarding
these beads until I went back and saw Kristi's tutorial
again and knew I had to make these!
View II of 1,001 Nights. Aren't the colors in those
beads just gorgous!?
So that's all I managed to do this weekend. We've been very busy with our church and a Revival meeting we're having the rest of this week.  I highly recommend you follow Kristi for great inspiration (and drool-worthy work) and go check out Java Beads for handblown glass beads that will melt your mind.


  1. These are Gorgeous! I love the style and colors. I am running over right now to the other sites to see what I have been missing :-)

  2. It's wonderful to see your take on my Aladdin's Lamp earrings!! Thanks so much for sharing!