Thursday, May 9, 2013

Diamonds In The Rough Jewelry Challenge ~ ACCEPTED!

So, as I've mentioned briefly in previous posts, Bill @ ZnetShows asked me to join Round Two of their jewelry design challenge and they called it Diamonds In The Rough.  Don't know if that's aimed at me or not... (kidding!)  Of course, he sent pictures of the Adorable Abby to lure us all in. I mean, really, who could say "no" to that face!?  Not me!  Not to mention the chance to play with more free beads! So, of COURSE, I said "yes" to Round Two. They will be voting on their FB Page so check them out there and vote for your favs (of which I hope I'm one). 
ZnetShows is a wholesale bead-porium and you can click on the link to go take a look at their plethora of gorgeous beads. But, check out their FB page 1st because, I promise, you'll be in bead-porn heaven if you go to their wholesale site first and you'll sit there forEVer before moving on. Not to mention the buying that will happen!
Anyway, here are my entries:

The Beads I started with... aren't they
just SCRUM-dilly-UMPTIOUS!?

Tribal Necklace - coins and chime dangles are from my stash
beads and focal bead are from ZnetShows...
The beads used from ZNetShows for this necklace are:
Freeform, heat treated carnelian pendent (I've lost the item code for this one, I apologize)
Fire agate rondelles in dyed yellow/green color - item code (BDS1593-09)
Tiger's Eye round beads - item code (BDG58-08)

used the tiger's eye and dyed fire agate from ZnetShows
and the chime charms from my own stash

Hidden Tiger
I cut out and filed/sanded the metal forms and used ZnetShows Tiger's Eye beads for the bracelet.
Morrocan Adventure
For these, the chime dangles are from my stash and the squares are from Znet - red square aventurine and their item code is (BDG44-13A)

What can I say? I'm into the tribal style right now.
For these, I hammered out copper pennies and used Znet's red aventurine squares and tiger's eye rounds, then added a touch of radiance by adding in their opalescent glass quartz oval puffed beads and their item code is (BDG46-55)

Jangling Jade
The metal donuts are washers I beat the b'jabbers out of, colored with black permanent marker, sanded to bring out the high points and sealed. The gorgeous olive jade donuts are from Znet and their item code is (BDG118-17D)

Autumn Desire (I know, it's Spring going into Summer,
but I happen to love Autumn!)
The pendent is a washer I treated the same way as the earrings I described above, the light colored rounds are composite marble from Michael's and the heat treated carnelian pendent is from Znet (sorry, as I said, lost the item code for the carnelian *sigh*). The red aventurine squares are also from ZnetShows. The clasp I found/bought at Joanne's from the sewing/button section. Awesome!

Gypsy Fire
Again, hammered the b'jabbers out of copper pennies and the chime dangles are from my stash. The red rectangles are rectangular, aventurine puff beads from Znet - item code (BDG43-13)

As I said, go vote on Znet's FB page and, then, go explore their wholesale bead site. They've got some YUMMY beads that will keep you drooling and checking your pocketbook for spare change!


  1. so much greatness going on here! you really met the challenge and made lots of wonderful pieces with tons of great details. i keep zeroing in on that Hidden Tiger bracelet. Love it!

  2. Faves are the hidden tiger and the tribal necklace but love them all!

  3. I love carnelian, so they are probably my favorite pieces. But that first pair of earrings is so pretty, too. And I love the way you cut the metal pieces for the bracelet and the hammered pennies. Great designs.

  4. Your pieces are all so unique and lovely!! Your handmade metal pieces and chime dangles go perfectly with the Znet beads!

  5. I like all of your designs. My favorite is the hidden tiger bracelet.

  6. So many pretty designs! I love the earrings with the hammered pennies. Such a creative idea and they turned out great!

  7. I never would have thought of using permanent marker on hammered! Love your creativity. All your pieces are lovely and I would wear any of them....nice job!!

  8. You have created some really great pieces, love your textured washers you added to some.

  9. Your metal work is wonderful, Pam, and I love the tribal designs. I'm an earring junky, and the copper penny and Tiger Eye are definitely my style. Love them all!

  10. Fabulous! That Hidden Tiger bracelet and the jade earrings are both really cool. You really worked these 'diamonds'. Nicely done!

  11. I really like how you made each piece your own by using your metal work--it gives each piece that one-of-a-kind feel!