Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Clean(er) Studio & More Fishes-n-Loaves

I am one who creates in the midst of chaos.  I pull out beads from here, and findings from there, and wire/chain from the other place and just play until a design seems to shape itself.  Sadly, I have a hard time putting the leftovers back where I found them.  I tend to leave them out because, hey, they sparked one idea already they might cause another one!

But, even I finally couldn't take it anymore.  I picked up the bigger pieces, moved things around to get at the smaller pieces, and swept the lot of them into a large bowl I usually have water in to quench my metal work.

Then it sat there, all forlorn, for two days while I worked up the nerve to finish cleaning without stopping to play.  So, here's a few shots of the clean(er) studio:

The "main" area, table with drawers (you can get them
at Lowe's!) and you can see the bits & wood support for my
drill along with various boxes for other equipment underneath.
Left side table where some of the mess went until I could rearrange
it better.... it's been further cleaned but it still needs some work.
Let's see, leather roll, beads, findings, brushes, clay carving tools,
barrel for my rock/metal tumbler, pasta maching, notebooks
for inspirational pictures I love, box full of magazines (for a future
destashing contest.... which is coming soon, keep watching!)
Bookshelf that's, mostly, used for more bead and
findings stashes as well as other accessories for
beading and metal work. One smaaaall area for
books... 2nd shelf, far left side you can see some
bead books next to the findings stash. Boards
on the side of the shelf for holding earrings and,
on the floor under a book, is my toaster oven for
when I'm brave enough to play with poly-clay.

It's actually even cleaner than what's pictured but I doubt it'll last long! (hahHA!)

After finally getting the worst of it cleaned up (yes, there's still somewhat of a mess there), I sat down and began banging on some washers.  Those are still in the "Come-Along" process and I will show you when they're ready. I will tell you I'm using more beads from Bill @ in the design.

BUT!! Since it's not nice to tease, (usually ~snerk~) I will show you some pics of the earrings I made while my metal was tumbling.  I'm still working to refine (and, I hope, expand) my Fishes & Loaves series. Here are the earrings I made this past weekend:

Sorry for the blur on any of the pics. Low light and iPhone cameras don't always cooperate.  My next piece will be (I hope!) a bracelet incorporating the fish sign and the beads. Check back, I'll let you know if it worked ;)

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