Thursday, May 3, 2012

Story Telling Thru Jewelry

Erin over at Treasure's Found has challenged us to use our jewelry making skills to bring a story (or some such) to life.  Well, I've decided on "some such."  She also said we could use poetry for our inspiration and I asked if it could be poetry we had written.  She seemed rather enthused about it in her reply! :D
ANYway, I will first give you the poem that I will be using: (written after visiting the Arizona in Pearl Harbor, HI)

Tears From The Deep
Tears are still wept, tho' the heart's made of steel,
For men nigh forgot tho' a Nation should feel.
They died in a war, tho' no battle fought they,
On what became known as an Infamous Day.

Tears from the Deep, tho' the heartbeat is cold,
For valorous men who will never grow old.
Entombed in the dark, by water enshrined,
Stood ready 'gainst all, by Freedom defined.

Tho' many have come, so few shed a tear.
They call to us, now, do the whisper you hear?
They are the reason this Nation stood fast!
The weeping, so soft, do you hear it at last?

Tears are still wept to help us recall,
Tho' few still remember they gave us their all;
From way down below, to the Oceans' safe keep,
Seeping up for reminders are Tears from the Deep.
© Copyright 2011 Pam Sears. All rights reserved.
Just in case anyone's confused by the "tears" mentioned here, the poem came to me (after a bit of a struggle, but not too much) because the Arizona is still seeping oil. A drop at a time every few minutes.  These are her "tears" for those who died that day.  There's a second poem from that visit called "A Trail Of Tears" because you can just see the trail of oil leading from the Memorial to the Missouri where WWII ended. (p.s., you may have to scroll down when the link opens... don't know why, but it showed me a blank until I started scrolling... dumb thing!)

Next, a tease for what I'm working on, jewelry-wise:
Well... you get an idea of some colors!

...and here you get an idea of some shapes
(plus, you can see the wire I shaped... cooooool)
I'm still debating the final form of the necklace. I have something started but it's still at a place it can be changed if I choose... and I may.  I may!  I may also make another necklace.  I bought keys at Michael's not long ago and I got to thinking of a book I enjoyed as a young person... "The Secret Garden."  Hmmm...  Erin!  See what you've done!?!?


  1. Beautiful tribute to the men of the Arizona. Cudos!

  2. Pam,
    That is an awesome and beautiful poem you wrote. I have not visited the Arizona or Hawaii, but I have visited other memorials. Your poem brought back the feelings I felt when visiting those sites. I can not wait to see what you have created. I'm still in the thinking stage.