Monday, May 21, 2012

I Got....

I got rainbows,
I got happy,
I got ribbons
Who could ask for anything more!?
I got wire,
I got art beads,
I got ribbons
Who could ask for anything more!?

Yup! I got the ribbon from Ribbons & Silk that I ordered last week.  I'm SO excited!!  They're so silky and the colors are much prettier than I could get on camera.  (lousy lighting and I was in a hurry so I could post)  SO love them and already used one color (it's not showing in the pic, sorry), the teal went on some earrings I'm making for a mini earring swap I'm participating in.  I'm also considering using some of the other ribbon on the second pair for that swap.

I'm So looking forward to seeing what I can do with them
And here's a bit of a peek at one of the earrings for the swap:

Sorry it's blurry, cell phone rush :P

...and one of the colors I'm contemplating for the last pair for the swap.... hmmm....

love that burnt orange and gold MMmmmm
Really, they've got a very fair selection and, if they sell out of something just as you order it, they're good about offering a replacement (they did for me and it's so close to what I wanted as to make no never mind!)  As I said, looking forward to seeing what creativity this kicks off.

I'll keep you updated.


  1. Beautiful ribbions Pam! Have fun creating with these beauties! I am on my way to check out their shop.

  2. That ribbon is GORGEOUS! I just love ribbon :)