Monday, April 2, 2012

This Weekends' Business

It was pretty busy this weekend. I went to Lowe's and bought these terrific drawers.  I got the idea from my Dad's work bench (you know, those little drawers that hold all the screws, washers, nails, etc.?) and decided they would make great bead & findings holders.  I much prefer the kind my dad has, but his are OLD (from the '70's or '80's, not sure how old) and they don't make them exactly like that anymore. (his are a much sturdier, firmer plastic)  However, these work perfectly fine once the weight of the beads are in them. Loving them!

Full table view (ignore the remaining mess)
  I spent hours Saturday afternoon moving all my beads from their previous cases to these storage drawers. Really liking them, so far. But, things evolve as our beading needs evolve. We'll see.

I like being able to see into the drawers
You can get the multi-size drawer type or the large drawer type. I got both. May get another later, too.

larger drawers good for "special" beads or wire
Not all the drawers are filled yet, but I don't really expect that situation to last! (haahahaha!)

My stone and gem beads I restrung on wire
to make tracking easier
I've finally learned that SOME beads are better off if you put them on wire. Then you can snip loose just what you need and not worry about them spilling all over.

What the beads were in before
I won't be getting rid of all of these, but does anyone need a few of this type of bead holder box? They have divided compartments inside. Just email me if you'd like a box or two or three.

p.s., I'll be naming the winners from my March contest tomorrow. Check back!

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