Friday, April 13, 2012


Well, Spring has sprung around the ol' Kern County and it sprung a leak! (hehehee)  Actually, it doesn't rain here all that often (used to be desert, y'know!)  Someone once asked "How many inches of rain per year DO you get?" and was told "About 6-8 a year."  They exclaimed "That's not very much!" and the reply was, "Whal, you should be here the day it happens!"

Wednesday was that day.  With a bit of it leaking out today.  But, since this IS (mostly) a farming community (with some dairy and oil to round it out) we need it.  Besides, I just LOVE rain (cue Eddie Rabbit!)

Anyway, I "met" (via the 'net) an artist a number of years ago who goes by the name AmonOmega and he's not bad. Even had him draw a character for me. I 'found' him on a now defunct site called Art Spots but you can see his work over at deviantART. He's good.  And, he did this which just cracked me up.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Yes. Madness. The madness of Springtime!

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