Friday, April 6, 2012

PICMONKEY.COM ~ It's A Love/Hate Relationship

Yes, it really is.  The "love" part of the relationship is because it's so FUN to play with all the effects they have available to take your photos to another dimension entirely.

The "hate" part of the relationship is because, like with any new "toy," I lose myself in playing and comPLETEly forget the time.  I can get caught up after midnight playing around!

Anyway, I have a few pics I've played with over the last few days so you can see a little bit of what you can do at PicMonkey with yours.

Soft white effect around edges
Also added a little color saturation
to bring out the yellows without
going crazy

The Cinerama effect (doll, isn't she?)

This one I slightly over-saturated the color then used
the Lomo effect

This one I used the pixel (reverse) focus to do a little
editing, 1st, then went to the newest effects and added
the Paint/Red effect and used the "Add" under the
Blend Mode. The pic was already black & white so
this kept it from getting too "heavy" and dark. I, personally,
think the "blood runs" look cool with this "dangerous" (HA!) group.

Old Time Circuit Riding Preacher
Someone's very handsome father?
Used the Daguerrotype under the framing
section. You can change the the film effect
to "recolor" it, too.

The 3 Amigas!  Are they beauties from the past? Only the
photographer knows for sure! (love that daguerrotype!)
Well, sorry no jewelry-related eye-candy, but it's fun seeing what PicMonkey will let you do. Have a go!

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