Monday, June 10, 2013

Gifts & A Give Away

I'm afraid I'm not doing much in my studio right now. It's beyond hot. Granted, we don't have the nigh-on 100% humidity some of y'all suffer from, but trying to work out there, even with the little air unit running, is not fun.  But, I did manage to get a birthday gift for a friend and a pair of earrings for another friend made.
For some reason, I had a huge brain fart and could NOT
get this pendent to come together. Looks simple, no?
NO!! (well, it probably is, but I couldn't make it work
at first!)  She loved it, by the way.
Another pair of earrings based on the tutorial by
Kristi Bowman (mentioned in this post)

 And now, the "Give Away" part.  Yes, I have more magazines to destash (more, even, than I'm giving away right now.)  Here's what you get:
...and here's the rules:
1. post a link to my blog on your FB or blog page showing this giveaway
2. share the link here so I can see it
3. tell me what sort of jewelry you'd make if you were inspired by watching Duck Dynasty

... * ...

Wait.  What?

Yep! I want to know what piece of jewelry you'd make for one of the folks on Duck Dynasty.  If you're feeling really competitive (or inspired) you can make a piece and share the link in the comments here. If you do, it won't add to your chances of winning, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention to the rules.

And, if you'd do it. :P

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