Monday, June 17, 2013

New Family Member

I got nothing done this weekend and I blame it on the animals in our lives.  This past week we had to put our 10 year old Weimaraner, Jack, to sleep due to a cancer that wasn't caught until it was too late. It was a little hard but what was harder was the silence in the house. Quiet as he was, he filled a spot in our lives that wasn't noticed until he was gone.  We decided we needed a puppy to at least fill the spot (but not replace Jack, of course) and we did a search.  We wanted to stay with the Weimaraner breed because we loved Jack so much and he had SO much personality (they say Weims are as smart as your average 10 year old child... they're not far off, believe me!)  And, just for your personal info, Weims are in the sight hunter class of hunting dogs and, due to their coloring and style of hunting, are nicknamed The Gray Ghost.

Von Greyson Weimaraner's is the breeder that caught our attention. He breeds to the old, original German standard of Weims so his dogs, especially his males, are huge!  Up to, and over, 100lbs. We spoke with William and decided (mutually) that one of his puppies would have a good home with our family.  He invited us down to his ranch (in the desert!) to see his... well, the only way to put it is "herd!"  Counting the puppies, that man has twenty-one (that's 21) dogs on his property! They're well bred, well behaved and well cared for. And they LOVE meeting (and being petted by) new people. 

We chose our puppy, a very healthy 22lb (at 8 weeks!) little boy and brought him home. 

That was Saturday.  Needless to say, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening mooning over our new little addition.  He's aDORable!  We also spent the rest of the day making sure he went OUTside to do his "business".  (snerk!)  He seems to be settling in okay, although there's a lot of sleep involved still (he's still a puppy, after all, just a rather large one) but he's following us around and beginning to play more with us.  Oh, yeah, and today he became an escape artist. He's very proud of himself for getting out of his pen.

Anyway, here's our newest family member. Please meet Zackery "Zack" Tillar Sears.

He wasn't going to be allowed on the furniture since he's
going to be so huge... You see how long that lasted!
And Saner Sister is giving him snuggles and cuddles while
he naps....  and naps.... and naps some more after playing.

Close up of that adorable face
 As you can see by his paws, he's gonna be a moose.  And we're gonna love every minute of it.

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