Friday, March 1, 2013

Possible Challenges...

I have decided that, instead of Blog Hops (for awhile), I'm going to start offering mini-challenges.  It just so happens I have started a FB page for my photography and I got to looking at a few of the photos (well, one in specific) and thought how fun it would be to do a series of challenges wherein folks have to interpret a photo I've taken into a piece of jewelry (to keep, sell or give away... it's up to you, obviously). 

I've already mentioned this on my CCC FB page and, after a period of contemplation decided to go for it.  I will post the challenge picture on the 1st and the 15th of the month (with or without instructions... some photos just speak for themselves) and you will have six days in which to complete the challenge (in this case, it's going to be due on the 8th) and post a link of what you created to my blog.  I think this could be fun for those who would like an occasional mini-challenge that didn't involve signing up then having to back out due to various reasons. Sometimes, Life just gets in the way, but we still feel bad when we have to cut and run from something we wanted - and volunteered - to do.  This way, no volunteering, no "Count Me In", no lists of fellow challengees unless you wish to say "Go check it out!" on your blog. I am only going do this twice a month, for now (I'm not that prolific in my photography, yet!) but may change my mind, later. We'll see how this goes over, first.  Hopefully, this will give you something to look forward to without getting in the way of other Challenges or blog hops you've already signed up for or other work you're doing.  This is just for fun and to see what you can churn out in a short time period. Think of it as the equivalent of the old "Pop Quiz!"  (hahahahaa)

So, to begin, here's your first photo challenge.  I don't really think I need to give instructions on this one.  The colors are going to grab any number of you and make you go Oooooohhhh! and dive into your beads with abandon. 

Sunset Pine
As I said, for this one you have until Friday, March 8th to post on your blog (or FB page) and connect to the blog post I'll be putting up to show my own creation from this inpiration.  Simply make sure your URL is listed on your comment so everyone has a chance to go see what you've done. 

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