Tuesday, March 5, 2013

(much giggling and dancing in excitement)

Yes, I am doing my version of the Happy Hamster as she does her version of The Running Man!  I bought a new piece of equipment last night.  Now, like any other jewelry-making hobbyist worth her salt, I have to ask myself before making a (semi-)big purchase... did I really, reeally, reeeeeeeeally need it?  

And, like any jewelry-making hobbyist worth her salt the answer is... well, of course I do!  Honestly, I think we use jewelry making as an excuse to buy tools because it's just unseemly for a lady to obsess over tools (unless it's a sewing needle per the Renaissance version of Emily Post or Miss Manners ~snork~)  Right.  It's a good thing my Dad doesn't really know what he's got in his garage anymore when it comes to his tools.  Quite frankly, I've been quietly plundering here and there when I can't get just the "thing" I want in the stores... Oh! But, only as needed!  Y'know?  I'm sure you do.  Don't snicker! I just bet any NUMBER of you are plundering your dad or hubby's tool chests!  Really, no tool is safe around a jewelry maker, hobbyist or not! Our first thought is always "I bet I can use that for/to/as..."

ANYway, I've been slowly working my way into doing more metal work; as in making my own bead caps (got a couple of disc cutters for Christmas & birthday gifts) and my own headpins (which is a blast because I'm a closet pyro!) and I really want to do more.  With my most recent purchase, I think that's more of a possiblity.

Oh, right, you want to know what it is!  Here's the link:
3 Lb. Rotary Rock Tumbler
From Harbor Freight
Isn't she a beaut!?  I can't use it yet because, sadly, it doesn't come with steel shot (and there wasn't any at Harbor Freight) so I had to order it (from if you're wondering) and it was just shipped today so it'll be several more days before I can try it out. 

I'm SO excited!!!!

So... what's got YOU dancing this week? Huh?

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  1. You will love this piece of equipment. I have had the exact same model for years and use it often! Word to the wise. Get a couple of extra belts because the don't always have them in stock. And believe me, the belt will break right in the middle of something. LOL