Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chinook's What Would You Do Wednesday Challenge

Mellisa's Challenge.... Accepted!

NValentine Studio

Mellisa over at Chinook Jewelry loves throwing out these Wednesday challenges and, I must admit, they make me think. 

I decided this should be a bracelet charm (I have no way of knowing how big/small this is, so I'm just guessing, here).  My first choice of accent would be these beads I found on Etsy.

My next choice are these sweet little lampwork beads. Veeerrry nice!

from bykeiara shop

 Because I don't want the focal to be overwhelmed, I'm keeping this simple... no chain, no spacers and an antiqued copper toggle clasp from Lima Beads (you'll have to click the link to see it... they won't let me link the picture up but it's perfect, trust me!)

Kate's Artisan Jewelry

And I'd round it all off with this pair of earrings from Kate's Artisan Jewelry on Etsy:

Okay... it's your turn.  What would YOU do?


  1. Oh now I think that would be a beautiful piece of work Pam.

  2. Thanks for taking on the challenge! You were totally correct thinking it would work on a bracelet, and I'm glad you mentioned not knowing the size of it...made me realize I didn't even link to the piece on my website! (I did now) It's an inch by an inch and 3/4.