Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Black & White Challenge Blog Hop

Sally over at The Studio Sublime challenged us to a hop wherein we made jewelry using only the colors of black and white (not counting wire). Y'know, I've got black beads and white beads all over but I've never (except once) sat down with the express purpose of putting them together. So, here's my contribution to her unique (to me, at least) hop challenge:
had some black chiffon that worked beautifully
I'm really getting more into mixing in ribbon or
fabric into my jewelry. Love it.

going for the asymetrical style with this pair
It was really difficult not to add in red. I
wanted to SO badly!

                                           top to bottom: grayish crystals, milky grey/white
pearls trapped in a cage-like finding (Michael's)
and black faceted crystal dangles.

                                              Going for simple with these: the longer pair,
I used some cream/white glass pearls from, the wire is copper that I
heated to ball up and dumped in cold water
to cause that rosy pink coloring. (hope it
still falls within the rules!) I did two pair
because I just wanted simple as well as
simple with a touch more elegance.

                                                 these are major shoulder sweepers! again,
I used material for the lower part, black and
white batik/African style print from a fan
that broke so I salvaged the cloth. It went
perfect with the round black and white beads.

again, top to bottom: cream/white glass pearls
from ZnetShows, white(ish) man-made blister
pearls, cones from Michaels and inside are a
small black bead, white pearl and larger black bead
(to keep things from pulling up too far into the cone)

                                           recycled white glass/sea glass from ZnetShows
strung with a silver finding and black seed bead.

                                          top to bottom: black bead, end caps from a small
set of vials I decided not to use, white glass beads
white man-made "shell" rounds (Michael's again)

So, that's my contribution to this challenge. Thanks, Sally, for the kick in the pants to get the ol' Muse thinking and creating again.  Please visit the other participants to see what they've done!

Sally Russick  (HOSTESS)
Pam Sears  (**YOU ARE HERE**)


  1. The ones with the fabric! Gorgeeeeeeous!!! Especially the printed fabric. Loveee!

  2. Love the shoulder sweepers:-)

  3. You certainly went to town here! It looks like you have covered all your bases, too with your cool designs...from dressed up to simple! fabulous!

  4. You made so many nice things. I especially love the clever idea of the fabric. Great!

  5. I really like the earrings with the bead in the cone. Great earring designs!

  6. HaHa, I agree, I was SOOO hard not to start adding the other colours... everything looks cool with B&W. (I ended up with lots of extra beads that MAY end up in more colourful designs LOL.) You really scored with this challenge, Pam... I am in love with those fabric inclusions, those look just like dancing skirts!

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun... I had a really hard time not putting in red beads or something.. I think that's why my hollow beads are still hollows because I couldn't handle the no colour!

    My favorite pair are probably the assymetrical pair!

  8. You do the fabric earrings SO WELL!!! I just love the look your create with those!
    All the earrings here are beauties!

  9. Wow, Pam. You went to town on this challenge and I adore your fabric earrings! But every photo I looked at was more creative than the one before. I also really like the caged pearls. Thanks for the info about the components in each of the design. Terrific!

  10. Gorgeous earrings!! I especially like the African print dusters!!!

  11. Wow, love the material earrings....I would never have thought of that. And I am with you, black, white and red just scream to be together. You did a great job! Love all of them.


  12. From the mix of fabric to the beautiful contrast of black and white in the asymmetrical earrings, they are all such clever, inventive and beautiful designs! Fantastic work Pam! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge!!

  13. I just love all of your earrings! I'm especially smitten w/the ones w/the white batik/African print - those are just stunning! Great black and white designs for this challenge.

  14. I always say that black is my favorite color. ;-) What a cool idea to use the fabric! Enjoy the day. Erin

  15. Hi Pam, I love all of your earring creations. My favorite is the black and white fabric ones very pretty.

  16. Love them all but the African Batik shoulder sweepers really speak to me! Great job.


  17. What a wonderful collection and I agree with all that those fabric earrings are fantastic.

  18. Hello Pam. I love the black chiffon earrings!

  19. I've thought about using fabric with my bracelets! So cool with the earrings, never seen that before. I LOVE the 3rd set of earrings!