Thursday, December 8, 2011


So, the Craft Show is over, drawings have been drawn, names have been attached to those things Destiny has Decreed they be attached to (yes, yes, getting crazy, here but, that's me!) so without further ado, and allowing those holding their breath to breathe, here are the various winners (and a few other things just for fun!):

First, the winner of the magazines I donated for the Virtual Craft Show:

(insert drum roll here)

Debb!  Yay! (loud cheers!)  They are in the mail today and on their way to you!

names ready to draw

For my private drawing (those who bought from my Etsy store, posted on my FB page or on my blog), the winner is:

names mixed and drawn

Marie's prize ~ Autumn Sunset
Lovely, eh?

And, now, for the just-for-fun-stuff!  I promised a peek at the necklace I restrung the other day and here it is.  I'm just SO into Autumn colors right now!  I had originally taken a large silver dragonfly and wired it to a brushed gold colored leaf to use as the pendant.  I tho't it looked great! (I love dragonflies so maybe this is why) Then I started getting comments about how it looked like a marijuana leaf! (GAH!)  I didn't take the first one seriously because of who said it (they're the kind to say things for shock or effect) but, when my own dad said it, I figured it was time to make a change.  I didn't know to what until I found this adorbs! owl!  I loved how the colors just went with the beads, pearls and crystals I had originally strung.  This will also be going into my Etsy store after I get some shots this weekend (this was just done with my iPhone... mmmmnot TOO bad, eh?)  I'm calling it Fall Forest (I'm not kidding about the whole Autumn/Fall obsession-thing!)

Full shot

close up of owl & link

very close up of the owl
isn't it cute!?

close up of the beads,
pearls & crystals used

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