Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring Cleaning Challenge

I'm not sure what made me sign up for Sharyl McMillian-Nelson's Spring Cleaning Challenge for your studio but, I did. Sadly, I didn't finish my clean up. Here's what happened.

I am one of those who creates best in a creative mess. Honestly, it just seems to work for me. I didn't get a before shot of my "creative mess" but trust me when I say "mess" was being polite. Yeah. Bad. So I decided to roll up my sleeves and dig in. Oh, and, while I was at it, I was going to move things around. Yeah, that will get me finished EVER so much faster! Anyway, I did think to get a few pictures here and there, so let me share those!

Here's the "half-way" point. Notice the sunlight. Yeah. Anyway, it got a lot worse than this before it got better. That walk way to the left was filled with moved stuff before I got everything in place.

Here was the (nearly) completed and rearranged craft room. I actually managed to get the table cleared off later so there was a nice, clean surface to start over on. I have an area specifically for my torch work and clay (when I get braver) work. I have all those nice little drawer sets to put my papers, extra tools, ribbon, etc. in. I even reorganized my bookshelf to hold my wires, special beads and findings as well as books, drawing pads, & paints. Again, notice the (lack of) sunlight? Yeah, took that long. This was, for me, a day-long project. The procrastinator in me can't do bits and pieces over several days, it has to all be at once. If I don't, I can get distracted by all the things I "find" to play with. Remember that ADOS I've mentioned in other posts? Uh huh. (Attention Deficit Ooh! Shiny! for those of you who've not hear me mention it before). I don't think I've ever been so tired in. my. life!

Sadly, I didn't get a shot of the completely clean table top and, not long after, I began a new series of projects that required me to make a mess all over again. Here's what it looks like again (sorry, Sharyl, I know this wasn't exactly what you had mind):
When I'm working, even when I leave my table to return later (that day, another day, whatever) I leave out what I'm working on because, to me, why make the bed when you're getting right back in that night? Yep! I'm that bad! What I'm working on doesn't require everything that's sitting there, but what's sitting there might spark an idea so why fight it?!

Anyway, that's where my table is. The rest of the craft room is still pretty neat from my cleaning spree, but the table is, once again, on it's way to that "creative mess" so many of us live in. But, it's okay, they know us in this world ;)

Please go to Sharyl's page to check out everyone else's pages that participated in this Challenge. I'm sure they did much better at it than I.


  1. Looking good! I totally agree that it sometimes have a little mess on our tables can spark the creativity—I often pull out a bunch of stuff and let it sit there for a while on purpose to see what calls to me while I'm working. And I love your putting an official name to our malady—ADOS! Maybe we should put that on all our business cards to make it seem more official? LOL

  2. Yes - I think I need to add ADOS to my card as well! Haha! I think the point was to at least make a dent and unblock the creativity that can get a bit overwhelmed when things get too messy even for a creative person. So, if you got right back into your projects, I'd say it was a success! :)

  3. Love all those bead containers! ADOS ... so true!!

  4. Oh, you are so not alone! I came across a bead today I wanted to make a necklace from. I had left it out when I cleaned so I wouldn't have to figure out where I had "hidden" it! Then, in trying to find a few more to go with it, suddenly found myself with beads for 4 pairs of earrings laying in the middle of my "mail supplies" station! OH, MY! The horrors of it! :-) By Sunday, it may be hopeless in here again! ha! I really like how you set up your work area though and I'm totally jealous of those lamps! I have 4 lights I turn on in my room and it can still seem dark!

    Thanks so much for joining in the challenge! Let the fun continue! ;-) --Sharyl

  5. I saw if a bit of a creative mess helps you create, go with it! Good job getting done what you wanted to do. ADOS - love it!

  6. I too am a failure... bigger one than you... but if I actually cleaned out drawers to put things in... I'd never be able to find them and like you the minute I get a clean surface I cover it so there's a little bit of what's the point involved!

  7. Hello from a fellow member of the ADOS club. You've cleared out a lot, and you can put the creative chaos away (maybe), when you are done with that project.

  8. Love your workspace , and you`ve taken a lot of effort too . And like most of the fellow members , I too agree that I am sailing in the same boat ! Clean and tidy when it`s done , but the moment I sit to do a project , the clutter remains so for days and days !

  9. It's good to know that I am not the only messy crafter out there. I am really enjoying seeing the creative space that others use. I scrolled down and the living with a creative person made me laugh out loud.

  10. yep, guilty here as well!
    My poor mom, though creative (baskets, knit, crochet) she was also good at a place for everything yada yada... so when I'd clean my Room, I'd spread everything in the hall.... stilI do that "looks worse before in done" style neatening...
    yep ADSO here, too!
    I didn't participate in the challenge, but am setting up a painting nook, and am enjoying the blog Cruise for ideas!