Thursday, December 26, 2013

Etching Attempts - Pleasing the Muse

So, I have emerged (briefly) from my Creative Exile (aka taking care of a HUGE puppy!) and decided to plunge into trying some etching (pun fully intended).  My 1st attempt was this simple copper marker I etched the word "Sisters" on and some extra whirly-gigs to give it a little extra oomph. I learned two lessons; 1) careful of the amount of "oomph" you add, it can overwhelm what you're trying to do and, 2) remember to marker the sides of your piece so the etchant doesn't eat away at it. (whoops!)
"Sisters" etched copper, high-
lighted with alchohol ink and
the high points sanded.
My 2nd attempt was with some brass casings I have. I learned another lesson here; small spaces such as this need less detail to really stand out. Still, I like what's there. Now I just need to bring out the detail and finish them up (earrings, of course!). I'll post some pics as soon as I have 'em finished.

Here's hoping I can continue to get into my craft room for even some small sessions. My Muse is threatening to go into hiding if I don't do more!

Brass shell casings etched - learning process in action
...and, suddenly, puppy!

Staring at my Mom eating waffles. He
didn't want to chance missing the offer
of some peanutbutter... notice how his
eye level is above the counter top?

Helping his Momma feel better on a sick day

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