Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Yes, you read that right. But, let me finish; "Villainess Soaps." I found a link to a site called "Gothic Charm School" through another blog I follow and, being of a curious nature, I followed it. Then I started looking through her links! One of her links led me to Villainess Soaps, a small on-line shop that makes their own product. Since I'm always in favor of supporting the local artist (whatever that art may be) I was intrigued. I also loved the fact they put dictionary definitions for "villainess" on their page. One of the definitions for villainess is "an uncanny, articulate woman." Now, how appropriate is that!?

But, this is a site for *Goths!* you say. Pish-tosh! This is a site for ANYone who wants to use well-made products for face and body. Yes, those in the Gothic sub-culture happen to be their main buyers, I'm sure, but that doesn't preclude "non-Goths" from buying from them. So, after reading carefully through their site, and contacting them to ask some questions, (which they cheerfully and fully answered) I ordered their product. It came last night and I was nearly giddy with delight (silly, but I love getting mail!). Since I've only used it the one night, I can't give you a full report, as yet. But, I liked it. And, so far, my skin *does* feel softer today. And, so far, I don't have the "oily" feel along my t-zone that I usually have by now. Ask me again in a week or so and I'll give a more complete report but, at this point in time?, I'd suggest at least going over to her site and looking at her product. I like what I have.

Distinguishing Features: Absolutely smooth, sheer, silken lather.
  Go, check it out. (this is just a sample of what Villainess carries)

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