Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Puppy Training... Which One Of Us is BEING Trained!?

The last few weeks (okay month and a bit) I've been working with my new puppy, Zackery Tillar. I've put pics of him on this site but they don't show how HUGE this monster of a Weimaraner is getting! He's only 5 months old but his forelegs are already larger than our previous, adult Weimer's were. This is gonna be one huge dog! Right now, though, he's all... I do mean AAAALLLL puppy! And, AAAALLLL boy! Did you know being "all boy" translates across species? It does. It really does! Everything still goes in his mouth or gets dragged off as a new toy (in spite of the numerous toys he already has) and I swear, if he could talk, there'd be sessions of "Hey, Mom! Watch this!" which we ALL know means something stupid is about to occur which will cause us to scream or holler in reaction while they just smirk. Well... he keeps us entertained. (heee) Still, because of this nearly obsessive curiosity of his, I haven't been in my craft room to work (still!) as it's difficult to keep track of beads, wire, fire, puppy, findings, etc. when puppy is wanting to get in the middle of it. We're going to work a little at a time on being quiet when Momma's working (or, as my cyber-friend Dr. Brassy would say, "makering"... I love that!) Anyway, here's a few pics of the Pup (he has many nicknames, mein liebchen & toad are most often used, the latest is "furnado" when he's got a wild hair), enjoy:
On our way to Puppy School (well, you're supPOSed to sit
in the seat, right?)

First Day Of School Picture
(what, don't you ALL take 1st day pics?)

Headed home... not quite as alert as before!
Plumb Tuckered Out from school!
Enjoying a new toy!

Sitting in my dad's lap because he thinks
he's a lap dog... not much lap left!

"What'cha writin', Doc?
p.s., Zackery has his own Twitter page, now. Look for @ZackeryTillar to follow him.

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