Thursday, January 24, 2013

ZNET Beads and Return Of The Muse

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Bill from asked me (along with a number of other jewelry makers) to test drive some of his sea glass.  As an added incentive, he told us their staff would be voting on the designs they liked best and asking us to send them to them for the Tuscon Bead & Button Show.  Is that exciting (and ego stoking) or what!?  Even if I'm not chosen (and I'm up against some stiff competition) just that fact they asked me to participate is flattering. Wow. Me!  And, I finally got to play with sea glass.  And what beauties Bill sent me, too.

Shots of the original package. SO much to play with!
The first design. Don't know why, but this is what the
beads seemed to want. Don't laugh, I know most of
you hear the beads talking, too!
These beads just begged for simplicity. They
refused all other pairings except what you see.
They can be stubborn as well as talkative!
Close up of the earrings from the previous shot.
They wanted to be called Sea Breezes.
My warped sense of humor kicked in
about here. I have a bunch of these glass
octopi from wine glass tabs and just KNEW
the sea critters needed to be paired with
the sea glass. Yes, my muse was giggling, too.
I used some of the small, round beads
for my Fishes & Loaves asymmetrical earrings
I also used wire wrapping for another set of fish for my
Fishes & Loaves series, but haven't decided how to use them,
yet. Probably necklace, but they quit talking to me abruptly.
Last, a lanyard/necklace. I designed the "hidden" latch
for my lanyards awhile back and you can go from work
to dinner after. Simply give a (gentle) tug and the magnate
will release and you can attach the other in it's place.
View with the name tag attached.
 So, that's what I did with the beauties Bill sent me.  I truly appreciate him not only letting me have this chance but for drawing my Muse out of her hiding place with these (she's as curious as me and couldn't stay hidden when these appeared).  Take a hop over the znetshow's facebook page and see what else they've got going on.


  1. Nice job, Pam... love that interchangeable lanyard/ necklace!

  2. Love your color. The lanyard is my favorite.

  3. So many pretty pieces! The lanyard is a very clever design, love the pop of red. Good luck!!

  4. Super designs with awesome beads!

  5. Like the yellow and aqua together in sea breezes.

  6. How fun, I really like the Sea Breezes they remind me of jelly fish. I have my students make lanyards where I work and I really like how yours turned out...Excellent! Best of luck to you...

  7. I love the variety in your finished creations...each is completely different from the last, even to the techniques you used!

  8. Oh the lanyard is a great idea. That latch is clever! Great job on all the pieces!

  9. The lanyard is great. And I really like your Sea Breezes earrings, but they're all very pretty. I only had time to make 4 designs with my samples by show time, but had a good time.