Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"They're CONES!"

Lorelei from Inside the Studio got together with Keirsten Giles of Cerebral Dilettante to offer a challenge: use some of Keirsten's hand-made copper cones in a way other than "the usual" and I immediately did my best immitation of Horseshack from "Welcome Back, Kotter!" 

"Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick ME Mistah Kottah!"

Apparently, it worked! (heee!)  I was one of the chosen few allowed to have two of these lovely copper cones to work with.  See, I'd been working on an idea for a lanyard where the wearer could quickly and easily change it at the end of the work day to appear to just be an awesome necklace. I just knew these cones were the answer. 

I was right.  Have a look:
Yeah, these cones.... aren't they cooooool?

These are similar to the pair I received
as the necklace

as a lanyard (name tag holder)

components separated

magnets were the key and the cones were the perfect
hide-the-key answer!

I created the bale to hang it all from: several lengths of
wire, wire wrapped together in four places, a bend in
the middle to keep the focal in place and the end wires
 all curled to add interest, keep the wires from pulling out
and keep them from scratching the wearers clothes.
I can't show you the whole necklace... I may have shown too much as it is.... some of the beads used are from my Bead Soup and it's because the beads simply fell perfectly in line with the lanyard I wanted to create. Return here on August 25th to see the entire lanyard/necklace, its accesories and the other items created from the wonderful Soup my partner sent me.

For now, to see the other cone imageers, hop over to Lorelei's blog and take a tour of everyone else's blogs.  See how crafty everyone is!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fair Daze

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I'm planning to enter this year's Fair contests.  Not beading, I didn't decide to enter soon enough that I feel ready to enter a jewelry piece.  But I will be entering photos I've taken.  I've chosen two so far (I'm allowed four) so here's a sneak peek at what'll be entered:

I caught this li'l guy on a walking trail near home:
I've titled it "Haring Away" (yes, I know he's a cotton tail,
but haven't you ever heard the term "he's haring off?") This
is going in the "Nature" category ... maybe...

This was an accidental shot - taken at the Air Museum in
Oahu, HI, it's a bi-plane. I was trying to take a pic of
another plane with my iPhone and it wouldn't take it
because the light was too low. I dropped my arm in frustration
and this is what I ended up with. I love these type of "accidents."
This one is "Time Warp" and will go in the "Abstract" category.

I'll let you know when I've chosen the other two for certain.  What about y'all? Anyone entering any fairs and/or contests this year?  (blog hops don't count)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Has A Hotdog....

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I saw this on the Cheeseburger website under the "I Has A Hotdog" page and it cracked me up. Well, almost all their animal pics crack me up, but this one a little more than the others today. Probably because I know a few dogs that are at least this opportunistic! which one are you?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Phantom Blog Hop Update

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Okay, folks, I know we have other Blog Hops coming up in August (some of us are joining the Bead Soup Blog Hop and various others) but I want to remind you of the Phantom of the Opera Blog Hop you joined (and can still join, if you want) set to begin August 31st.  Now, those of you I KNOW I have information for, please check that the link works and get back to me if it doesn't.  If your link says "need email...?" next to it, it's because your email didn't show up when you commented.  Please email me @ with your addy and, if you prefer to use your facebook page instead of a blog page for the Hop.  If you don't have a FB page or blog, but still want to participate, I'm willing to work with you to put your picture on my blog.  Again, feel free to contact me at the above listed gmail addy.

And, remember, "The PHAAAAAAAAANTOM of the Opera is there... Inside your mind!"

need email (added to contacts…?)

need email (added to contacts….?) 


need email…?   

need email…?  

need email…?  

need email…?   

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Dead" Things, Part Deux!

Yes, I keep finding "Dead" things. And, yes, they usually end up in my  Flickr account and/or on here.
Sometimes what I find is a complete crack up! Like this one I found in a parking lot after the car next to me pulled out:

Sometimes, it makes you pause and think, like this one I found at (what I assumed was) a controlled burn site:

Life from Death

 ...and, sometimes, it's things that just make you shake your head:

hangin' by a thread

So... found any "dead" things of your own?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Esty Treasure Hunt ~ Steam

'Steamin' On Thru' by CrazyCreativeCorner

Steampunk treasures uncovered... Care to go on an adventure?

Steampunk Leather Cuffs - charliestayton
Steampunk Leather Cuffs
Steampunk Hat- Black Top Hat in Wool Felt Size Large -The Dr Brassy Hat with Sightmares Eye by Dr Brassy Steampunk - DrBrassysSteampunk
Steampunk Hat- Black To...
Machete Steampunk Mens Large Upcycled Shirt French Cuffs - OLearStudios
Machete Steampunk Mens ...
Steampunk Corset, brown underbust corset, steel boned, custom made, silk taffeta - corsetwonderland
Steampunk Corset, brown...
Steampunk costume belt - fancy toolbelt - brown with tassels - size Medium - bluemoonkatherine
Steampunk costume belt ...
Steampunk Cuff SALE --------- Industrial LEATHeR Pockets 3D Wrist Cuff POCKETS VIALS - Vintage Gears More - Steampunk Clothing by edmdesigns - edmdesigns
Steampunk Cuff SALE ---...
Table Lamp - Steampunk Artisan Crafted - contentshome
Table Lamp - Steampunk ...
Tri-Bot Steampunk Lamp - IronAntlerForge
Tri-Bot Steampunk Lamp
Steampunk Goggles PLUS Steel Ring and Dual MAGNIFYING LENSES - jmasserant
Steampunk Goggles PLUS ...
Steampunk USB flash drive with glowing glass windows. 16 GIG. Copper, brass, watch parts and glass. Waterproof. - steamworkshop
Steampunk USB flash dri...
Steampunk Rotating Gear Heart (3D Printed) - CarryTheWhat
Steampunk Rotating Gear...
8 Antique or Vintage Optical Lenses.. Steampunk.. Different Tab.. - opticallenses
8 Antique or Vintage Op...
EVANGELION :Steampunk Necklace /A Vintage Watch Movement Jewelry - TwilightsCastle
EVANGELION :Steampunk N...
Steampunk Watch Cuff in Brass and Silver Mens Womens Steampunk Jewelry - Aranwen
Steampunk Watch Cuff in...
The Amberley - Steampunk Western Wedding Men's Double Breasted Waistcoat in Brown and Black - dreadnoughtdesigns
The Amberley - Steampun...
steampunk mens frock coat - RomanyRapture
steampunk mens frock co...

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Cone Challenge & A Busy Month

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Ooooh, man!  When I looked at August for my Phantom Blog Hop, it was pretty empty.  And I chose August 31 for the Reveal/Hop date to give everyone time. Well... good thing.... August has gotten busybusybusy and, for me, it just got a tad busier!

Lorelei Eurto over at Inside The Studio has tossed down a challenge using cones in your jewelry. The reveal date is August 1st. Not a lot of time but, a) I already have an idea that's been rolling around in my head, trying to figure out the logistics of making it work and I think using a cone finding will be the answer! and, b) I seem to work best not only under a dead line, but under a DO-IT-NOW-IT'S-DUE-TOMORROW deadline. 

Anyway, here's a couple shots from Lorelei's blog showing the cones she's sending each of us who were chosen to participate in her challenge (and, yes, I'm still giggling that I was chosen!)

...aren't they gorgeous?  I can't wait to get my hands on 'em!

So... if you had a chance to use cones, what would you do?  Come back August 1st to see what I did.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Donations From Family

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haHAAA!  It's great. After I posted my previous blog about "dead" things (and it appeared on my FB page) my cousin out in TX sent me a pic to add to my Pinterest board!  I loved it and posted it immediately.  You can go see what all I have on that board or you can just peek at what Stace sent me:

Morticia's Favorite Plant
Don'cha love it?!? 

Tell you what, you have any "dead" things (see my board or previous post to get an idea what I mean by that!!!) and send me a pic of it, I'll post it on the Pinterest board and here. But make it an interesting shot.  I don't just take pics of trash or litter.  Something has to catch your attention about it. When you send me a pic of a "dead" thing, be sure to include why it caught your attention enough to take a shot of it. 

Oh, and, yes, I'll very likely put "Crazy Creative Corner" on it unless you put your name or logo on it 1st. I don't want pics just being randomly pulled and used without permission. If you put your name/logo on it, be sure it doesn't interfere with or draw attention from the focal of the shot. PicMonkey is a good place to do this.  If you can't do this yourself, tell me what name you want on it and I'll make that adjustment for you before posting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Dead" Things...

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The title of this post is the title of a board I have on Pinterest.
You may be thinking to yourself "Dead things? Is she nuts??"  and the answer would be... well... yes.  And, no.  I believe I've mentioned before there's a good reason for this Blog's name. AND mine!

"But... but... DEAD things!? Ew!"

No, no. Look, I'm crazy (in a good way, the voices have assured me), not gory!  I just tend to really work the weird when it comes to humor (I mean, I like the (original) Three Stooges!).  Here's an example of what I mean when I say it's a "dead" thing:

....or this....

Get it, now?  They're "dead" for whatever their original use is/was.  Maybe they could be recycled, maybe not. I just think they're (in most cases) interesting, even if they are "dead."

Follow my boards on Pinterest or join me on Flickr.  I'll add you to my group/circle if you do.

You never know, even "weird humor" can inspire you!