Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Creative Challenge To All

Bet'cher wondering what THIS is all about!  Welp! I've been reading, lately, on several of the blogs I follow (as well as number of FB pal's pages) that there is a dearth of creativity. Mental blockage has occured. The Muse has gone on vacation. The heart rending question of "what do YOU do to counteract this inspirational drought?" has popped up everywhere. Well, here's what you do; something else.

No, really, something else that exercises your creative muscles, but has nothing to do with your normal creative exercises, will (usually) bring the inspirational rains. Draw. Do some Creative Writing (with a limit on # of words). Play an instrument (that's usually soothing). Take photographs of odd things you wouldn't normally take. Dance.

Here's my contribution and a Challenge to all who read this: this week, you must write a short story about the above pictured ring and post it to your blog. Here are the rules; 1) no more that 250 words. Period (I will count!)  2) It can be any genre of creative writing you want except erotica (this is a family friendly blog, keep it G or PG).  3) You must post it to your blog or FB page by Friday, the 7th of February (yes, short time frame, but it kick-starts the inspirations). 4) You may put a link to your blog or FB page in the comments section of this post for us to follow and read.

That's it! Hope y'all take up the challenge. I'll do the same and we'll see what the Muse inspires. Have fun! And see you Friday Evening for the Creative Writing Reveal!


  1. this sounds like a fun challenge and I'll be back on Friday to see who is joining up. Wish I could try it but I've already committed to a Thursday and a Friday post and there is not time to do one more thing. I've been trying to jumpstart my muse by drawing/doodling, something I never thought I could be good at. Anyone interested, try One Zentangle a Day or Zenspiration. Very relaxing and so much fun.

  2. You got me Pam. I only just saw your email this morning, so the story is a bit rushed. Hope you like it.